Pro Zone

The Pro Zone is the space dedicated to cultural players on the La Vitrine platform. It brings together all La Vitrine's professional partners, whether public or private cultural and/or artistic organizations offering shows or cultural activities in Quebec.

The Pro Zone lets you register cultural and artistic activities and events in La Vitrine's online calendar. La Vitrine's partners offer artistic and cultural events and activities in Quebec: song shows of all kinds, variety shows, dance, theater, comedy, circus, music, visual arts, cinema, all the performing arts, history and heritage, exhibitions, conferences and workshops, guided or animated tours, etc.

The Pro Zone is first and foremost a tool for promoting cultural offerings throughout the province. It allows you to be listed in Quebec's most comprehensive online cultural calendar, and to take advantage of La Vitrine's strong impact in terms of visibility and cultural promotion.

The Pro Zone is at the heart of La Vitrine's strategy to create a Quebec-wide alliance for the promotion of cultural events, and to structure promotional support for cultural players. The aim of Pro Zone is to provide tools for building audiences and increasing attendance at cultural events, as well as responding to the specific challenges associated with promotion, production and programming.