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La Vitrine, your cultural partner.

With its new recommendation platform, La Vitrine recommends cultural outings based on your tastes, your current desires and your geographical location.

Whether you're passionate about theater, dance or the circus; a fan of comedy, variety shows or storytelling; a fan of festivals or exhibitions; or whether music in all its forms enlivens your daily life, La Vitrine connects you to outings that will thrill you.

With La Vitrine, immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience, shaped in your image, and let us guide you to outings that will resonate with you, long after they've echoed.

About the organization

In a context where every show, exhibition and festival requires considerable marketing efforts to capture the public's attention, La Vitrine has been a key player in Quebec's cultural scene for over 15 years.

A non-profit organization recognized for its expertise in promoting cultural outings, La Vitrine's mission is to bring together the sector's driving forces, positioning itself as the Quebec alliance for the promotion of cultural outings. Our goal is to help cultural organizations effectively reach their audiences and increase the number of cultural outings in every region of Quebec.

Every day, we implement practical, innovative solutions to meet the current challenges facing the cultural sector. We rely on a professional team with diversified skills, covering communications and marketing, data management and exploitation, business intelligence, as well as digital experience and product development.

To accomplish our mission, we rely on the financial support of the Government of Quebec, the Government of Canada and the City of Montreal.


To enable full cultural citizenship across Quebec, La Vitrine promotes culture by enabling people to discover what's on offer, and by actively promoting it.

In partnership with cultural players, La Vitrine uses digital tools for data management and enhancement, discoverability, personalization and interactivity to promote cultural offerings, as well as understanding cultural behaviors and audience development.


Harnessing the power of digital technology to promote culture throughout Quebec.


  • Usefulness : La Vitrine is in line with the real needs of the arts and culture community.

  • Effectiveness : the impact of La Vitrine's action must be maximized, and its actions must therefore maintain a high degree of technical and economic efficiency.

  • Neutrality : La Vitrine's expertise and services are provided in complete neutrality, guaranteeing equitable treatment of its partners.

  • Cooperation : La Vitrine works with and for its partners. Its actions are enhanced by the pooling of efforts and respect for contributions. Doing more together.

  • Confidentiality : La Vitrine adheres to best practices in terms of data management, of all kinds, and in particular personal data.

Our founding principles :

  • Promoting cultural citizenship

  • Promoting Quebec's professional culture

  • Partnership approach with the cultural community

  • Transparency and ethical management


1998 : At the Colloque Tourisme et Culture, Montreal's cultural community unanimously expresses its desire to see Montreal set up a cultural ticketing service, following in the footsteps of Toronto, Boston, New York and London.

2001 : The Ministère des Affaires municipales et de la Métropole and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec entrust Tourisme Montréal with the task of continuing the reflection process.

2006 : Extensive consultations and an unprecedented mobilization in support of the city's cultural development lead to the adoption of a final business plan.

2007 : La Vitrine opens its doors at Place des Arts on October 10, a few weeks before the Rendez-vous - Montréal métropole culturelle.

2012 : La Vitrine officially takes root in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles in building 2-22, designed by the consortium Aedifica + Gilles Huot Architectes. The building features a unique lighting signature by Moment Factory.

2012-2022 : With a view to pooling resources, La Vitrine contributes to the cultural, economic and tourism development of the metropolis by supporting over a hundred organizations in their promotion, marketing and audience development strategies.

  • La Vitrine first existed through its website, then this virtual access was enhanced by state-of-the-art physical installations (interactive touch terminals, giant screens and illuminated display gateways).

  • It also offered affordable ticketing to many festivals, producers and artists at a time when this service was limited and expensive.

  • It has deployed numerous promotional campaigns and collective audience development projects, such as the MTL International Student Passport, enabling nearly 9,000 international students to discover Montreal through the diversity of its cultural offerings.

  • It has developed and shared technological solutions and services facilitating the discoverability of the cultural offerings of a dozen cultural and tourism groups in Quebec, including QuébecSpectacles, Tourisme Cantons de l'Est and the Quartier des spectacles.

2019-2022 : La Vitrine undertakes an ambitious strategic planning process aimed at reaffirming its relevance for the coming years. This process leads La Vitrine to close its information and ticketing counter in the lobby of 2-22 in January 2020.

2022 : La Vitrine begins implementing its new 2022-2027 strategic plan.

2022-2024 : Over the past two years, the La Vitrine team has developed the first descriptive data aggregator to centralize and standardize the supply of cultural outings in Quebec.

2024 : The Minister of Culture and Communications entrusts the collective formed by RIDEAU, La Vitrine, ADISQ and Synapse C with the deployment of the common standard for descriptive data in the performing arts in Quebec, the coordination of its adoption by the entire sector, and its evolution.

2024 : La Vitrine rolls out its new personalized cultural recommendations platform (pilot version).


La Vitrine has established itself as a key player in the promotion of cultural outings in Quebec, an expertise recognized by numerous awards and distinctions over the years:

  • Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois 

  • Trophée Ulysse de Tourisme Montréal 

  • Prix NUMIX 

  • Prix Coup d’Éclat de la SATQ-FEQ 

  • Prix Concours Boomerang

  • Finaliste aux 25e Prix OCTAS 

  • Prix Créa