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In a nutshell, by browsing La Vitrine's digital space, which includes Lavitrine.com and espacepro.lavitrine.com, you agree to abide by these Terms of Use and all laws applicable to your browsing activities. These rules constitute a contract between you and La Vitrine.

When you participate in La Vitrine's digital space or share content with La Vitrine, you assume responsibility for the content you communicate, regardless of the means used: event submissions, comments, participation in discussion forums/communities of practice or related activities such as contests.

You must ensure that you hold all rights and authorizations required for the content of your communication for which you grant La Vitrine a reproduction and distribution license.

You may share La Vitrine content by hyperlink. No editing, reproduction or communication to the public of La Vitrine's content is permitted except as expressly authorized in writing.

If you access La Vitrine's digital space through the use of third-party platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc…, the rules of use of these other platforms apply in addition to those of La Vitrine.

How can I use or share La Vitrine content?

You can share La Vitrine content by hyperlink. You are allowed to put hyperlinks on your own pages or websites to La Vitrine digital space pages or when using social media.

Any other use of de La Vitrine digital space content is forbidden without prior authorization or agreement.

How do I submit content and information to La Vitrine?

In order to submit content, you must register and take responsibility for what content you submit. Your registration must contain accurate information and you must keep this information up to date at all times.

It is necessary to obtain and use a password to submit events. This password belongs to you and you alone are responsible for it.

La Vitrine reserves the right to validate, cancel, ban or block your registration, at its sole discretion, in the event of non-compliance with these rules of use or contravention of the law.

You are solely responsible for the content you share with the public on La Vitrine's digital space and for the legality of your content, including :

  • Rights to privacy and personal information,

  • Rights to image and reputation, copyrights or other third-party rights.

You must obtain all necessary authorizations from third parties, where applicable. By participating, you declare that you hold all rights required for your communications.

How will La Vitrine use submitted content?

By submitting your content (writings, images, sounds, etc.) on La Vitrine's digital space, you grant La Vitrine a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, universal, non-exclusive license unless otherwise specified by specific terms, to edit, reproduce and distribute it by any means of communication controlled or authorized by La Vitrine, including on social media.

La Vitrine is under no obligation to publish your submissions or to keep them accessible, this decision being at its sole discretion.

When your participation involves the use of your image or voice, or the image or voice of someone else, you irrevocably authorize La Vitrine to broadcast them by any means of communication controlled or authorized by La Vitrine. In addition, you authorize La Vitrine to contact you to follow up on any communication to La Vitrine's digital space.

What is the limit of La Vitrine's liability for its digital space?

La Vitrine makes no warranty as to the content or operation of its digital space, and assumes no responsibility for any interruption of service, whether voluntary or involuntary, to the content contained therein.

Third-party content and platforms

Any queries relating to third-party content should be addressed to the relevant third party. Our digital environments may host third-party content via hyperlinks to third-party websites, as well as licensed third-party content (such as images), and social media buttons. La Vitrine does not endorse third-party content. It is provided for information purposes only. La Vitrine is not responsible for your use of any third-party content.

La Vitrine is present on various third-party platforms, such as certain social media. When you interact with La Vitrine on these platforms or use your social media credentials to connect to La Vitrine, their policies and terms of use apply, and we encourage you to read them.

We may use information you provide to us on third-party platforms, as well as limited information from your social media accounts (if you choose to share this information by using your social media credentials to log in to La Vitrine), to interact with you and answer your questions, and for audience insight and reporting purposes.

Contests and special activities

In addition to these rules, each interactive activity or contest on La Vitrine's digital space may be subject to rules specific to the activity or contest in question. You must read them on the activity's or contest's web page, where they will be published.

How does La Vitrine protect my personal information?

La Vitrine applies appropriate measures to ensure the protection of personal information if such data is collected. For more details, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Updates to this policy

La Vitrine reserves the right to make changes to this Policy at any time. Such changes will be posted on our websites and will be effective immediately upon posting.